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Therapy with children
     Trained as a clinical child psychologist, I have all the years worked in therapy and counseling with children and their parents. Throughout the years , I have come to realize that most of the therapeutic changes occur due to the parents' investment in their child. Therefore, I see children for therapy only when the parents come for parent guidance simultaneously.  
Transpersonal therapy
       Transpersonal therapy relates to all the components of the person- emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual- holistically. It integrates the four basic psychological theories (dynamic, cognitive, behavioral, existential) and adds the spiritual.It relates to the soul of the person,  in the present as well as in the  past and therefore incorporates in therapy regression/reincarnation therapy. This type of therapy has helped me integrate my professional work with my orthodox Jewish belief, and I have found it to be of great help to my clients.
Therapy with The Deaf and Hard of Hearing
     Having begun my career in 1974 as a psychologist working with Deaf and Hard of hearing children, I have ever since been involved with this population: served as a school psychologist for the hearing impaired, instigated a rehabilitation center for the deaf, helped form a vocational high school for the deaf, gave lectures and papers at international congresses, and trained mental health workers in psychological assessment and therapy with the deaf. Today most of the services are:    
 -psychotherapy (individual, couple,family) in ISL if necessary               
 -counseling (families,organizations,mental health professionals)             
 -supervision (mental health professionals, individual/group)
Therapy with Holocaust Survivors (and 2nd &3rd Generation)
      Working as a psychotherapist and supervisor at AMCHA (Association for Holocaust Survivors and Second Generation), I have come to learn about the unique characteristics of this population. In addition, I have discovered that psychotherapy is possible and helpful also with people in their 70's and 80's.  
Therapy with Post Traumatic Clients
     Having served  in the army as a mental health officer, most of the training had to do with helping soldiers suffering from combat shock and post traumatic syndrome (PTSD). In civilian life, I have worked for the past 20 years with these casualties, in addition to civilians suffering from trauma due to accidents, terrorist attacks, etc. It is quite often a long and arduous task, demanding different techniques such as hypnosis, desensitization, family intervention, and more, but it is gratifying to see these patients rebuilding their lives anew.

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