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1. Whatever happens to us was meant to be, and nothing is "by chance".

2. We often may not know why events occur, but everything has a reason and a purpose.

3. Life is a school, and we are on a continuous journey in growth and development.

4.There are times when a person is stuck, and has trouble finding his life's path. We are here to help guide that person find his way, overcome obstacles and continue his journey.

5. Every physical matter/event has its spiritual counterpart.

6. Our work is based on an integration of psychological and spiritual learning and training, coupled with adapting the means to our clients individual and specific needs.



     Our relationship and love for one another began when we worked as psychologists for deaf children- Ephraim with school aged children and Ziva with pre-schoolers. We were colleagues with similar interests, and conducted peer supervision, learning that we also enjoyed being with one another.

     Since then we married and raised a family of four children. Our mutual interest in work and family continues to this day. We enjoy -

Learning together (couple therapy, regression therapy, Judaism, etc.)

Working together (couple therapy, workshops, lectures)

Traveling together (in Israel and all over the world)

Being together (at home, with family, with friends, etc.)

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