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לחץ כאן להכנסת טקסט לחץ 

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to recommend to your group Drs Ephraim and Ziva Lamdan as speakers for your organization.

They   spoke at a Melaveh Malkah in Chabad House Berkeley for two hours about Regression Therapy and illustrated their Torah-inspired points with real-life examples of patients who were actually helped by this mode of therapy.

Their Ahavat Yisrael showed very clearly through their presentation, as well as their thoughtful, patient and empathetic manner of healing psychologically inflicted wounds.

I personally enjoyed listening to them and watch them respectfully, yet professionally   interact with each other in their presentation.

If you have any questions about them, please contact me at any time.



Rabbi Yehuda Ferris

The Melaveh Malkah last week with psychologists Ephraim and Ziva Lamdan was most edifying, entertaining, and insightful as to couple and Imago Therapy, past life regression therapy, and niggunim with beautiful guitar accompaniment. They present a unified and loving example of respect and Shalom Bayis. He is an einikel of the Noam Elimelech, and weaves stories and examples from his ancestor's life to illustrate his points, and our crowd loved it.
I would recommend every Shliach to utilize this valuable resource that the Lamdans provide to thte Rebbe's Shluchim world wide.
Thank You, Ephraim and Ziva for sharing your expertise with our community.
Rabbi Yehuda and Miriam Ferris

To whom it may concern,
We had the pleasure of having Israeli therapists, Ephraim and Ziva Lamdan, speak to our community about Imago therapy, regression, gilgulim (reincarnation) and therapy for the Jewish soul. It was a very interesting and learning experience for all who attended. We learned new insights on this topic based on Judaisms approach. Many discovered the strong connection between Judaism and modern psychology and how relevant it is to us today.
Ephraim and Ziva are both very intelligent, calm, collected and well spoken people. They are a pleasure to have and listen to. Our community very much enjoyed their company and all that they had to share.
Rabbi Mordey Richler

Chabad of the East Bay

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